Her Story

Maison Océanne is an eco-luxe brand aiming to redefine self-care standards and luxury beauty by creating a unique digital space for sustainable BIPOC brands to shine. We aspire to be a leader of social change and promote sustainable living by building awareness of waste-free living, while showcasing some of the fiercest brands on the market. 

MO sets out to provide Canadians with a new kind of luxury: curated, ethical and green essentials with simple, but powerful ingredients designed to uplift, heal and nourish their self-care and wellness needs. We are not your average shop - going beyond natural ingredients and putting an emphasis on low/zero waste packaging.

Our passion for intentional and conscious living along with nature's key elements: water, earth, air and fire - is what embodies MO's core values:
Holistic Wellness 
Minimal & Low Waste Living
Natural Healing

 MO is fuelled by our desire to become the highest version of ourselves; and the brands we partner with, are in alignment with our mission of wellness, healing and community cultivation  they breathe life into our brand. 

We lead a very slow and sustainable approach to life and invite those seeking better alternatives to join our journey. Shift your mind and be the change today, by showing up and supporting these BIPOC brands both locally and abroad. This is us.
Welcome to Maison Océanne ✨